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What is the cost of hair extensions?


In the IBEK hairdressing salon , there are 13 different types of haircuts and different types of hair with different qualities of color and height. After consulting with the experts, considering the customer’s style and the amount of money the customer wants to pay for it , it is determined , Furthermore the height, volume and the health of the customer’s hair are important in this regard .

Does hair extensions cause hair loss?


There are different types of installation . Some of them are 100% free of damage which includes lasers in the IBEK Salon which you can enjoy .

What is the difference between the price of hair on the market with the hair used in the IBEK?


Natural hair has different qualities . Natural hair trimmed from the head with a factory-fitting hair on the market varies widely .Natural hair trimmed from one person in terms of color fastness, material resistance, durability, washability and so on is on one side. But the hair that’s headed out of a lot of people is put together, requires careful care . They are not uniform in color and are different in washing .

How many branches of hair do you need for a head?


It depends on the size of your hair and the height of your hair extensions . It is specified for each person in person .

Does the extension of natural hair create heavy and annoying weight on our hair?


No, because experts choose the hair that can be installed depending on the thickness of your hair . 100% natural hair is very delicate and lightweight

What is the duration of hair keratinization?


Hair smoothness lasts 4 to 6 months . It lasts as long as it is not damaged to work with the reusable material .

 What is the difference in keratin with nano-keratin?



Nano-keratin is a new generation of keratin materials and it is a fine molecule, so it’s easier to enter the hair structure .

What is the cost of hair color ?

Response :

As we all know, the answer to this question is very different for everyone . When you consult with our experts, we will take some information about the height and volume of the hair, the current color of the hair, the hair’s thickness

What is rebounding and keratinization difference?

IBEk  keratinization creates a protein rich in Keratin in the hair and is washed over a time , so the shampoo must be free of sodium sulfate (salt), so that it lasts longer and at the same time it restores the hair and the transparency and lightness and regeneration of the hair. If the rebounding penetrates into the inner layers of the hair and breaks the sulfur bridges, it will change the hair fiber and become completely straight  and ends up to the end and only root growth should be renewed. It is not possible to do it on bleached hair and it’s best to apply on the natural hair and after the rebounding ,  shampoo is sure to be hydrating, as the rebounding will dry the hair.

Does eyelash extension damage the lashes?


IBEK eyelashes extension works with a new method without gas, on the eye within and under your eyelashes, with open eyes Hence, we do not stick to your eyelashes. This will keep your eyelids healthy .

What is the time to restore the eyelash extension?


15 to 20 days later.

Does Eyelashes lifting and lamination damage the lashes? What is the time to restore it?

It is also a lash improver without damage . In the long time, you will see new eyelashes on your eyelids .

Lift and laminate are not restored, and after 2 to 2 months and a half it will disappear .

What is the durability of the extension hair and eyelash?


Until restoration is done regularly