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Hair color that includes dyeing hair with the best brands in the world with disposable items in packaging (towels and comb, brushes, aprons and hats) that are given to customers at the beginning of the work.
A . Ambre :
These days, this technique is one of the most popular types of hair color models . This technique consists of more than one color that illuminates from the hair roots of darkness to the bottom of the hair and the tip of its hair. This also depends on the customer’s style in a unique color variation . The tip of the hair should be bleached in this way .
B . Sambre :
This technique combines amber and baliaj . The difference is that the color of the hair in the amber is milder to the lower part of the hair relative to the amber and The intensity of the color difference is low .
C . Lowlight :
In this method, the difference in the degree of colored part and the color of the field of your hair is very low and generally do not use the bleach powder or use a very weak one .

D . Highlight :
Often used bleached powders . The difference in the the color of the hair field is very evident with the dyed parts .
E . Color melting :
This method is used in three or more colors . You can start from any color from the root and get to any color to the bottom of the hair .
F . Acid therapy :
With chemical shampoo and specialist techniques, previous colors are removed from the hair and The hair is one or two degrees brighter than its former hair color .
G . Sunlight :
In this way, we bleach and blond the upper part of the head . The size of this part depends on the customer’s opinion .
H . Moonlight :
This is the opposite of Sunlight and we blond below of the hair and darken the parts on the head .
I . Half light :
The hair tip is usually blonde 4 or 10 cm and then we dye a fancy color .
J . Bleach :
Remove the previous hair color and turn on the hair to high levels and reach the desired stage and prepare for the selected color.

K . Baliaj :
In this technique, with or without foil, hair stylist decides to start dying without any split anywhere from anywhere. This is a beautiful French technique . Root growth in this way does not make any significant change .
L . Chemical shampoo :
For coloring of white hair and shocking hair before starting a new color .
M . Remover :
It simply used for removing fantasy colors ( black , red , blue , green )
It is used to smooth the color of the hair and clear the reflexes that cause the color of the hair to be discolored in the next colors .