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 Pedicure :
Your feet will be beautiful and the exhaustion of them is eliminated by massage and scrub . In this method , the experts take the extra skin around the nail and the sole of the foot and this will prevent you from peeling off your heels . All your nail problems are fixed and disinfected . In the end you have clean and soft feet .


In this method , just like pedicure for hands , we use the antiseptic mask , peeling scrub and do the nail polish and correct their forms .

Nail planting:

With the best brands of nail planting materials in the presence of the customer with a multiplayer team for special work and saving customers time that includes :

_ Nail scratcher specialist

_Nail specialist

_Nail designer

Planting is done in healthy conditions . It includes a variety of nail models , round , oval , mountain , head flat , quad and so on


It includes removing forged nails easily and in less time and after completing the work , nail enhancer and manicure are performed .

Planting nails with a gel without a brush and with materials that are useful for long and tidy nails .


Nail design specialists with more than 800 designs of nails and 300 colors of gel lacquers provide nail design services with a variety of design features. You can also bring your plan to work .

Paraffin therapy:
It has health benefits and has been approved by the FDA as one of the over-the-counter prescription drug (OTC) medicines . It includes putting hands and feet in paraffin and washing them before and after it .

Paraffin benefits :
A . Relieve muscle pain
B . Protects skin from dryness in cold and dry weather, preventing and eliminating peeling the skin of the hands and feet
C . Used in ointment burns
D . It is used as a protective layer against inflammation and burns
E . Skin rejuvenation
F . Prevent early aging
G . Eliminating the darkness of the skin
H . Dermal dryness
I . Direct injection of vitamins A and E into the skin
J . The skin provides elasticity