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Eyebrow extension is done with open eyes, without damage to the eyelashes, with Keratin glue without gases on the eyes. This method is different from blurry methods that cause severe damage to your eyelids for a while . The repair is about 15 to 20 days later .

Lift and laminate eyelashes:

Products used by IBEK have the most authoritative international certifications . These products are anti-allergi and without any damage or side effect . These products are suitable for pregnant and lactating women – sensitive eyes and cataracts .

  • • Steps to lift and laminate eyelashes :

√ Step 1: At this stage, the entire eyelash is cleaned of any contamination and fat by a protein solution, and the preparation is performed with a hair strengthener complex .

√ Step 2 : we increase the length of the eyelashes and curl them by a special lift serum .

√ Stage 3: Filling eyelashes with natural keratin and lamination

√ Stage 4: We color eyelashes with natural pigments (not harmful chemical color)

√ Step 5: Fix and strengthen the eyelashes with a special Vitamin A serum and strengthening gel

Lifting and laminating the eyelash is a natural therapeutic remedy for thickening the eyelashes and having tighter, curved and tall eyelashes. These methods are not a chemical method. The durability of this method is two to three months . During this time, it does not need to be restored .

Ms. Hossein Poor is an official teacher of lifts and laminate eyelashes and organizes training seminars in this field.

Eyelashes Botax :

A mascara that is not washed away by washing up to 20 days to 1 month .