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– Ozone therapy for hair :

Unrivaled prevention of hair loss * Thickening of hair * Increasing the thickness of any hair * Completely removing dandruff Sensitization of the scalp and itching * Ozone increases the volume and density of hair significantly. The ozone that reaches the hair will repair all damaged areas of the skin and hair and eliminate issues such as dandruff, dramatically increase hair growth and ultimately helps you to have smooth, soft and beautiful hair. , * Ozone also helps colored hair to retain their color and do not blush by washing.

Botox ::

Hair Botox prevents hair damage. Botox acts like a deep rehydration therapy that turns damaged hair into a healthy hair.

HairTax :

Strong moisturizing, anti-aging hair for every hair, up to 1000 times more hydrating than the past.

With large amounts of antioxidants, A-B acids ,omega-6 and omega-4 -fatty acids increase cell division. It protects the hair and protects the outer layers without hair ironing and does not smooth the hair . This method shines and brightens  the hair and remove the un transparency of the hair .


The durability of Keratin depends on the base of the client’s hair, but the effect of our work on the hair is permanent and until the end , the keratinized area is  smoother than the parts that have grown, although the durability of Keratin in the whole world is 6 months. Keratin is not removed from the hair at once, it actually disappears over the hair gradually . having a good detergent will make it last longer, and these shampoos do not contain sodium sulfate. And choosing a good keratin improves hair even after 6 months  .

– Differences in keratinization and rebounding :

Many people have so many questions about it . IBEk  keratinization creates a protein rich in Keratin in the hair and is washed over a time , so the shampoo must be free of sodium sulfate (salt), so that it lasts longer and at the same time it restores the hair and the transparency and lightness and regeneration of the hair. If the rebounding penetrates into the inner layers of the hair and breaks the sulfur bridges, it will change the hair fiber and become completely straight  and ends up to the end and only root growth should be renewed. It is not possible to do it on bleached hair and it’s best to apply on the natural hair and after the rebounding ,  shampoo is sure to be hydrating, as the rebounding will dry the hair.

Straighten the hair :

The main ingredient in the elemental hair  is manganese, sodium, potassium, clay oxide and manganese oxide. The presence of these materials makes it possible to use this method on any hair without damaging it, and because of the fact that it restores the hair, it is possible  to do it even on the bleached hair , or hair damaged.

Japanese Straighten the hair :

In this method, which is known as Japanese strengthen or permanent strength, in the period from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the size and height of the hair,  specialized experts in this field divide the hair  into very small cloths and use the straightening materials then iron the hair  . The hair should not be washed for up to 72 hours . It us suitable for people who like very strength and shiny hair. This method is permanent in relation to keratinization and the element and the hair hairtax, that is, only the growth of root hair requires root fixation generally, after 6 to 8 months, depending on the growth of your hair . this method is suitable for people with uncolored and unbleached hair. – Not recommended on pregnant women.