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The Ibek Beauty Salon is the most equipped and up-to-date Extension Salon in Iran . Some of the devices used in this salon have been used for the first time . There are many brands like Nano microscope devices, Famerics devices , Shey , Succup, Infrahair , Infralight . The Ibek Extension Specialusts offer you the services that help you decide more easily : customer counseling and taking a hair resistant and health test ,matching customer style , he amount of money they are considering , he amount of time they need to last for extensions on their head , giving the final consultant opinion on the selected model and appropriate hair extension method .

Connecting with Optical Laser Device :

Laser Extension creates a subtle blend of hair. Extensions with hair do not cause thermal shock to your hair, which causes the hair to fall off or not. With a 13-year history, we carry out every methods of extension (keratin, laser, felt ion, rings, sewing, ultrasonic, lanyard, transful, zoom flax, magnet, nodule, root knit) We know the laser method is the most harmless, tight and delicate method because at the time of repair and opening the extension , your hair is not diminished . The extension is about half a centimeter above the root, and the durability of the hair varies with your hair growth. Every 2 to 3 months or once every 4 to 6 months after the extension , depending on the Keratin used , the laser should be restored . and in all the hair that we use, it can be used for 5 years if you take care of it carefully

– Head molding: (For the first time in Mashhad)